Supporting the development of aeronautical and space sciences in Africa.

The aim here is to facilitate regular consultation between industries, institutions as well as researchers in aeronautical and space areas, related to the African continent. To do this, the ASSO initiates meetings between institutional decision-makers and industrial decision-makers in order to allow a direct exchange between all parties and which could be free of any heavy administrative process ; collegiate reflections on specific themes are chosen.

The goal is to coordinate actions regarding satellite and aeronautical applications which purpose will be the sustainable development of the African continent. Indeed, the AASO takes into a prime concideration humanitarian actions in the African continent’s villages. These actions will make possible to quantify contribution from aeronautical and spatial technologies on the populations’s welfare.

The point is to prepare for the future. This is done by raising the awareness of young African generations to the aeronautical and space sciences professional world. Also, to attract the best talents by the means of scholarships, top quality training and education, or specific prizes awards. Education required for aeronautical and space technologies areas must be taught at an early age. Nowadays, due to the complexity of the mentioned technologies, younger generations are discouraged by sciences such as mathematics or physics. The AASO brings up African talent wherever they are located in the world and give them rewards. It also ensures that exemplarity keep to be a tool for the intellectual development of African youth.