Promote and implemente collaborations into development projects related to aeronautical and space sciences, by the mean of local and African diaspora expertise and know how :

Africa has a dynamic youth. For more than 10 years Africa’s average growth has been more than 5%. African policy-makers are aware that maintaining its growth requires support from the private sector. Supports including from entrepreneurship catalyzed by the youth. Also it is a fact that African growth is too often dependent on key sectors such as mining and oil.

Diversification of African economies is a solution to be considered in order for it to be developed and to maintain an economic growth. Aeronautical and satellite applications are sources of employment, particularly in the environmental sector. Synergies between African stakeholders and the African diaspora can contribute to the implementation of concrete projects on the field. Especially since whether student or professional, many members of this diaspora, are potentially interested and competent to intervene in these projects in their countries of origin.

In addition, many highly talented Africans educated in technical fields choose to move into the aeronautical and aerospace sciences. In fact, many are moving to countries where specialized universities allow them to gain more expertise. Many of them do not return to their country of origin because they are most of the time employed locally having specific acquired skills. Also, they may have hard time to find activities related to their education field on African territory too. Moreover, in many non african countries, firms with high added value in aeronautics and aerospace are trying to establish themselves on the African continent. The high technical potential of the African diaspora represents a solution to this situation for African diaspora is motivated, is adapted to local cultural and climatic constraints and very well trained.

AASO’s mission is to identify and implement partnership development projects related to aeronautics and space science by the mean of local expertise including those of the African Diaspora and to identify potential human resources In these projects. However, for these projects to be efficient it is necessary to have strong relays on the field. The synergy between the African diaspora and its local resources is the key to success. The AASO will allow these synergies to emerge with a strong objective: efficiency.

This is a "win-win" relationship for local actors in Africa as well as for members of the African diaspora.