"Africa is still a continent where everything is still possible!
Despite difficult climatic conditions and repeated conflicts, Africa remains the cradle of our planet.
Africa’s development must be sustainable in order to preserve us all: the Congo area remains to this day the second green region of our planet! Given the growing international interest in the African continent, it is now urging time to measure and estimate the African potential regarding the aviation and space technologies at this very beginning of the 21st century.
These technologies applications are multiple. More over some of them have still to be implemented, or to be invented.
We are convinced that young African generations have a role to play in building a better world. A better world through these following steps. The promotion and the improvement of "intra-African" training exchanges, the promotion of science and industry. The support of education systems in order to promote engineers and technical staff education. Also propose to African decision-makers the use of aeronautics and space sciences for the welfare of populations. Finally the last but non the least to implement partnership projects in aeronautical or space sciences thanks to local expertise and those of the African diaspora in favor of Africa. All these are challenges we are looking forward to propose. The African Aeronautics & Space Organization (AASO) is an independent and agile organization, firmly anchored in the 21st century, whose ambition is to facilitate the implementation of concrete actions for the sustainable development of the African continent.“
Sekou Ouedraogo - President of the AASO