Environnement Preservation

Mr Poda / Mme Charles


The African continent concentrates a wide variety of ecosystems, ranging from deserts to tropical rain forests. The continent brings a lot to the local population, but also to the entire planet. Almost 90% of the continent’s population lives by using natural resources. Forests in the Congo region are the second largest contiguous forest in the world. Therefore playing an important role in the carbon cycle. Moreover, the biodiversity in African landscapes is unique. The continent's freshwater resources represent enormous potential for irrigated land and hydroelectricity. Therefore it is more than obvious that the defense of the environment is a subject to be taken into consideration for nations. Especially for those of the African continent. Geographic information systems, particularly remote sensing, make it possible to better understand the current state of the environment and to monitor its evolution. They provide up-to-date data to guide decision-makers in the implementation of environmental protection measures.

Issues on African natural resources can be presented according to the following table:

Resources Degradation Causes
Land Resources Land degradation
Salinization of Soils
Loss of chemical fertility
Water and wind erosion
Forest and Extensive Pasture Resources Deforestation
Commercial impoverishment
Forest Fragmentation
Illegal logging
Conversion to agricultural land
Increase in uncontrolled fires
Biological Resources Habitat degradation
Extension of species
Increase in invasive species
Pressure around protected areas
Satellite and aeronautical technologies make it possible to protect the African continent environment according to its specifications. More specifically by providing solutions through spatial planning and the measurement of the green life quality ( forests, woodlands and pastures), - by the measurement of soil migration and greenhouse gases as well as the identification of aerosols and managing the environment during oil surveys. In order to highlight the issues encountered as well as aeronautical and satellite applications in order to eradicate them, AASO decided to create an environmental preservation commission.

Future Generations: Education / Trainings

Mr N’da


The development of a nation is always a function of technical competence of the executives in charge of its development. Therefore training and education of its elites in aeronautics and space is important. Where are these elites and African executives located in the world? Do elites in Africa have the possibilities to complete on the continent their education? Shouldn’t we create bridges between African universities programs of aeronautics and space sciences and other more experienced insitutions? At the same time conditions for a possible return of African diaspora’s leaders on their continent should be found. Giving the good exemplarity is an important notion. It is one of the major factors of youth motivation. We believe that it is good to give excelling students a certain visibility and to meet these African students in order to give them testimonies about possible careers as well as the associated trainings. Within its commission "future generations: training" the AASO will give answers to these questions. We believe that Africa’s future generations will be the source of development, hence the need for quality training will be obvious and naturally felt.

Supporting health systems

Mr Bellabal


Sub-Saharan Africa represents 11% of the world's population but it accounts for 25% of the global burden of disease, compared with 10% and 9% for Europe, respectively (UN figures and IFRI 2015).
The need for increased quantitative and qualitative health resources is therefore alarming. It is necessary to multiply their impact on a continental scale, in order to often create and to always improve accessibility to the health care for local populations. Remote medical practice is a tremendous hope for populations in the development of healthcare accessibility. Especially for populations located on Africa. Indeed, the implementation of remote medical practices and its generalization on a continent not having the benefits of modern health care networking, represents a solution to be brought to light. In addition, remote medical Internet practices have been developing over the last few years throughout the African continent. They make it possible to come up with some of the deficiencies in poor and inequitable health care systems, with a certain efficiency. Drones make it also possible to carry certain equipment essential to implement health care facilities. Health care facilities and solutions absent due to lack of road or rail infrastructure. These few solutions are derivating examples from aerospace sciences to improve the health care status of population on the African continent. More generally, the ASSO will try to analyze to what extent the aeronautical and space sciences can support the health care systems of the African continent.

Strategy for Protection of Property and People

Mr Sekou Ouedraogo


Nowadays assets protection and security of African populations and infrastructures are an increasingly important concern. Back in the 1990s several African countries have known and experienced violent conflicts and political crises. It resulted in considerable destruction and loss on different basis; human, material and socio-economic infrastructure basis. Examples in Central Africa (civil war in DR Congo, Burundi, Congo Brazzaville, genocide in Rwanda, etc.) and in West Africa (civil wars in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Côte d'Ivoire) are striking. In 2013, crises taking place in Mali and Central Africa and the Democratic Republic of Congo remind us of the instability of this region. The causes of conflicts and political crises are countless and mostly linked to specific histories of each country. They relate not only to imbalances inherited from colonization, such as the delimitation of borders, but also to the mismanagement of the state and natural resources or the exploitation of ethnic belongings for political ends. Finally but not the least the weakness of public institutions , Growing inequality and corruption. Developing space technology and drones made for attack and surveillance purpose provides new opportunities not only, in the prevention and the management of political conflicts and crises in Africa, but also can be a big asset in resolving them. The discovery of natural resources nowadays in the cross-border areas is generating increasing tensions between countries. The call of clear boundaries delimitation is therefore necessary. Demographic growth as well as the development of economic and political migration are also leading conflicts for the control of border areas. In the event of a conflict migration of populations in neighboring countries becomes a major obstacle. In fact, the rise of difficulties in accessing these populations for humanitarian organizations is constant and never ends. Governments and humanitarian organizations interventions as well as the information gatering actions during crisis times are often very limited. That is the reason for which the mapping of crisis areas is a suitable response to the lack of recent and reliable information. Vandalism actions from the ones who are commonly called head cutters are becoming more and more frequent. Moreover, the emergence of terrorism actions in the Western world and now in Africa is obliging us to come up with effectiveness solutions. Means and solutions are not necessarily lethal. They can also be adapted to the protection of populations and goods. There is therefore an urge and a need to sit around a table and to think about reasons for all these issues to grow on the African continent. Also, there is the need to view potential aeronautical and satellite technologies solutions which can help to overcome those issues and their causes. Information and state of the art on these security issues must be provided not only to the States, but also to companies and stakeholders in conflicts in African areas. The involved parties are citizens and / or the African institutions as well as the technological firms capable of designing these security systems. This is the key for the development of the African continent. For no sustainable development without security and peace is possible. Due to all these reasons mentioned above, the AASO is deciding to create a strategic commission which purpose is the protection of property and people.

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