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AASO’s missions

Africa is a rich continent struggling to revitalize its development overall economy and its social, technological or environmental development policy. The mission of the African Aeronautics & Space Organization (AASO) is to use aeronautics and space sciences as a vector for its development.

Objectives of the AASO are therefore to contribute to the optimization of aeronautical and space resources for the sustainable development of the African continent.

Specifics benefits

Developement of aeronautical and space sciences

Regular meetings between institutional decision-makers, industrial decision-makers and researchers are organized in order to allow a direct exchange, without the burden of a heavy administration. Collegially, the AASO initiates dedicated reflections on selected subjects. Also, thematic events are organized to address and to highlight issues specific to space and aeronautical sciences.
Coordination of humanitarian actions

The AASO promotes humanitarian actions within African continent villages. These very specific actions make it possible to quantify the contribution of aeronautical and space technologies on African population’s well-being. These actions can be linked to education, health, water search, land planification, agriculture, support to humanitarian disasters, just to name a few of them.
Raising awareness among younger generations

We attract the best African talents with: education of elite, scholarships, prize awards. We aducate younger generations bringing them a new look and approach to the mathematical and the physical sciences, essential to the aeronautics and space industries. We are taking these actions to ensure that future stakeholders of African managerial excecutives become a potential quality response in front of tomorrow’s African technical organizations.
Promotion of partnership development projects

We propose collaborative development projects between industrial / SME / ETI / entreprenors, state organizations, aeronautical and space researchers. We support specific development projects in an ethical manner, making the accessibility to the necessary resources easy. Projects we initiate and support include members of the diaspora eager to collaborate with their countries of origin in order to implement them locally.

Aeronautics and space sciences for sustainable development of the African continent

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